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Partner – IWO



The “Interessengemeinschaft Liberales Waffenrecht in Österreich” (IWÖ, engl. Interest Group for Liberal Gun Laws in Austria) was founded 1994 and is the only gun right association in Austria. IWÖ fights for the right of law-abiding citizens to keep, collect and bear arms. IWÖ is interested in joining the big three German speaking gun rights associations IWÖ (AT), protell (CH) and FWR (DE).





Are the poles safe?

After the Newton massacre

A 34-year-old man shot people with an AK-47 who were drinking alcohol and behaving loudly outside his home. Another 24-year-old man shot and wounded himself in the shoulder while cleaning his gun. Accidents like that occur almost every day, not only in the USA, but in Poland, in a country inwhich strict laws are on the books to counteract such incidents. The Newton tragedy, as usually happens in such cases, will be used to start a debate to put even more restrictions on the availability of firearms. No doubt that the argument that such massacres cannot happen in Poland,because of its restrictive gun laws, will be raised. However, is that feeling of safety fully justified?

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In defense of weapons

For us, the Polish people, November 11th is a holiday. On November 11th, 1918, Jozef Pilsudskii was granted the military leadership by the Regency Council. On that day the German garrison in Warsaw has been disarmed. Jarogniew Drweski took over the city ofPoznan and the German armies began withdrawing from Poland. That is why today we, the Polish people, celebrate our National

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Partner – all4shooters



All4shooters is an international web platform, dedicated to shooters, hunters, collectors and all firearms enthusiasts looking for information and fun practicing their interests and sports. It also shares political news of gun rights and supports the right to own guns in English, Italian, German and Russian.

Firearms United is very pleased to have this partner which joins the gun owners’ community which does not speak English, but Italian, German or Russian (more languages will follow).





Partner – firearms UK



Firearms UK is a British Association campaigning for the protection of firearms ownership within the UK. Primary objectives are to encourage unity and positive action within the shooting community and to promote and defend individual firearms ownership and the shooting sports. It works together with the main associations of Brtish gun owners , e.g. BASC, and also with the grassrootscommunties “No to Airgun Licensing in England & Wales” and “No to Airgun Licencing In Scotland”.






Partner – GRA



GERMAN RIFLE ASSOCIATION (GRA) is a German grassroot community. It was founded in 2013 and is one of three German gun rights associations. It is the only one which fights for the right to keep and bear arms, which activates volunteers and publishes their researches. GRA’s goal is a gun law based on facts and not on gun grabbing ideologies. GRA’s most prominent team member is a reknown gun advocat – national and international – which is often cited, not only by pro-gun activists, but also by liberterians.