Monthly Archives: December 2013

Is it worth to defend yourself?

A citizen of Kołobrzeg city defended himself against criminals. He received a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. Another 64 year old man awaits his trial – he defended himself with a pocket knife. A French jeweller shot a robber – he may be sentenced to 30 years in prison. Is that how it should be?

During an exhibition organized by Silesian Gun Enthusiast Association during Expo Hunting 2013, one small firearm called “Women’s Muff” got a lot of attention. This toy-looking black powder gun was designed as a tool for women’s self-defense. Worn in a muff, it could be used as last line of defense for women – it could be quickly deployed from the muff and fired. Its effective range was described as “as far as your arm will go,” but what’s more important is the product’s implication – The 19th century woman had the right to defend herself. Even with the use of a firearm.

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