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The Protocol against the Illicit Manufacturing


The Protocol against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms

Véronique Mathieu Houillon, MEP, was the rapporteur for LIBE – Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs – for this protocol in 2013.

She claimed in her recommendation A7-0359/201311 , that illicit trafficking in firearms is a high risk for the internal security of the Member States and that this Protocol can prevent and combat illicit trafficking in firearms, without having an adverse effect on legal firearms users. Four Member States have not yet signed, or participated in, the Protocol: 18 EU Member States have signed the Protocol and 16 Member States are contracting parties. She therefore strongly recommends that it be ratified with a lot of arguments.

We researched her arguments on four pages and came to this conclusion:

The EC ignores results which do not fit the Commission’s agenda to reduce the total number of privately owned firearms:

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Questions to Candidates for EP 2014

We sent this letter Candidates for the European Parliament


Dear ….,


in October 2013, the EC Home Affairs presented a biased action plan against firearms violence, calling for new guidelines in 2015-2018. The announcement caused an outcry from sporting and hunting associations, as well as from media and from individuals, across the EU. Issue-based campaigns benefit from low turnouts, e.g. 43% in the last election for the EU Parliament. Many voters within the EU consider firearms legislation an important issue, and may be considered one-issue voters if they feel that their interests are at stake.

  1. Do you support ownership of firearms for law abiding citizens, for the purpose of self defence and recreational target shooting?
  2.  Do you believe there is a correlation between legal firearms ownership and crime?
  3. Do you believe restrictive firearms laws have a measurable and benevolent effect on crime rates?
  4. Do you recognise the right to keep and bear arms as a human right?
  5. Are you interested in statistics and analyses concerning:
  6. The number of firearms crimes, including homicides, that have been committed by previously convicted criminals, versus how many were committed by previously law abiding citizens
  7.  Whether the crimes were committed with illegal or legal firearms
  8.  The sources of illegal firearms
  9.  Do you support or oppose expanded guidelines, at the EU level, with a view to create more restrictive firearms legislation?


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