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Partner – ONGUN



The movement “The Right to Bear Arms” is a social, not a political, organization uniting people interested in protecting the rights of Russian citizens to keep and bear arms (RKBA).

To achieve these issues, we combine our efforts to create legislative initiatives in interaction with political forces and public opinion leaders. Movement holds public events designed to raise awareness of the right of citizens to own handguns, and also provides training for novice owners and organizes sports competitions according to the rules of practical shooting.

Our goal – promoting gun ownership, the development of the society and culture of weapons in order to get the legislative changes to lift the ban on CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) permits for Russian citizens.

More about the mission and functioning of the Organization in this LINK.






Partner – PEFOP



PEFOP (Greek National Firearms Association) is an organization constituted in 2008. Their goals are to inform and promote the safe and responsible ownership of guns, defending the historic heritage in relation to weapons, assistance and collaboration with authorities in this matter and defending the rights of legitimate users.