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Interview with Maria from Russia

maria butanaMaria, who or what got you started to become a gun right activist?

I have a very simple story. My father is a hunter and since my early childhood he has taught me and my sister how to shoot. I fired my first gun at the age of 8. Then I became interested in sports shooting (especially practical shooting). And now I am not only an IPSC shooter, but I am also a range officer of such sports shooting confederations as IPSC and IDPA.


Do you have gun rights associations in your country? Do you work for them, together with them or on your own? Please tell us how and why.

Yes, we have. I am the Chairman of the largest gun rights organization today in Russia – „The Right to Bear Arms.“ We have more than 5,000 members all over Russia. “The Right to Bear Arms” was founded in 2010. It is the non-profit organization uniting gun owners of the Russian Federation and people interested in the right of civilian ownership of arms for the protection of themselves and their families.

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Partner – NFA



Canada’s National Firearms Association exists to promote, support, and protect all safe firearms activities, including the right of self defence; firearms education for all Canadians; freedom and justice for Canada’s firearms community, and further to advocate for legislative change to protect the right to own and use firearms. The National Firearms Association offers Members information on all aspects of safe and responsible use of firearms as well as current information on changes in Canada’s laws. Primers are available to all members on a wide variety of subjects.






Partner – NAGRI



NAGRI (National Association for Gun Rights India) mission is to promote and protect the rights of every citizen to keep & bear arms both for self-protection as well as for shooting sports. We thus represent the interests not only of our own members & gun owners across India but also those of every Indian citizen by providing a voice to those who are not willing to give up their rights in return for hollow promises, providing training, promoting the safe & responsible use of firearms and undertaking appropriate research.