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FU-member NFA at the Supreme Court Of Canada

When the province of Quebec refused to destroy data collected on firearms registration as ordered by the Federal government, Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) acted.

The Quebec government had sought the right to make use of that data to maintain a provincial firearms registry in Quebec. The federal government disagreed and the matter went to court in Quebec and wound up in the Quebec Court of Appeal. That court found upheld the right of the federal government to destroy that data. Quebec appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, and the NFA sought to intervene, as did the Coalition for Gun Control. Both parties were accepted by the Court.

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Italian branch of Firearms United attacked by Italian branch of One World

Unimondo, the Italian branch of OneWorld, an enormous pacifist organization, publicly attacked the Italian branch of Firearms United in an article wich is almost funny, full of prejudices, errors and exagerations.

The article can be found here with automatical translation: The shooting at the Court of Milan and the gun lobby 

In a social climate more and more tense and with the pressing threats of various Islamist terrorist groups, the gun lobby seems to have as only concern to “ defend the rights of gun owners . ” Where these rights are written only they know, but provides a post of the facebook page of Firearms United – Italy, a” community organization “which is part of the” Firearms United “, which describes itself as “worldwide confederation of gun owners ” whose “mission” would be “to fight together for a better future for all of us”. 

Links and emphazised words in bold letters by Unimondo

And here’s the reply by Firearms United – Italia , wich has been published on Facebook and sent via email to the “journalist”:

“Dear Mr. Beretta,

in your article you make fun of us because of our 2.429 followers (today they are 2.576) and you brag about the 94.370 followers of Unimondo. It’s interesting to consider that our article about what happened at Milan’s Courthouse was shared by 270 people and yours by 2, including us.


Facebook bragging aside, you think that writing to our lawmakers to state our reasons is a “worrysome initiative”: well, seems that any citizen or association normally uses this worrysome methods, Unimondo included.

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