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Firearms Report III

History of EC's Action Plan on FirearmsHistory of EC’s Action Plan on Firearms

There were rumors since the 20th of October, three weeks before the bloody attack in Paris, that the EC also wants to ban internet sales and semi-automatic rifles.

The gun rights advocates made inquiries in Brussels. Fabio Marini denied these rumors. “There were no plans for it, only for deactivated firearms”, he said. And then he presented the new proposal with drastic bans and drastic restrictions which are a threat to national and individual security.

This report will show you how a few people – we only know the actors Malmström and Marini, but there may be more – misuse democracy to implement their dream into law with lies, manipulation and ignorance.

These few people were never interested in reducing crime. They only want to drive their own political anti-gun agenda against law abiding gun owners ignoring all transparency and democratic means.

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After the attacks in France EC wants restrictions on licit access to weapons

The European Commission DG Home wants to propose a semiautomatic ban for EU individuals, which look similar to military ones. This EC also wants stricter rules for arms control.

Proposals for a new law or amendment to the Directive on firearms will be presented on Wednesday – the author learned from Union source PAP.

Initially the amendment was planned for next year, but the European Commission DG Home analyzing over the weekend the possible reactions to the Paris bombings recognized the need to accelerate the project. So Polish Commissioner Elizabeth Bieńkowska in which portfolio is the common market, has been informed about the work in progress:

Individuals should no longer own a semiautomatical Kalashnikov

Illegally acquired firearms are increasingly being used by terrorists. During Friday’s attacks in the capital of France a vast majority of the victims have been killed by bullets.

In January bombers who attacked in January editors of Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish shop in Paris used similiar weapons. Without intervention by passengers the assasin in August would have produced a tragedy with his gun in a fast moving train from Brussels to Paris.

According to PAP, if the Member States agree to the proposal of the European Commission, individuals will not be able to buy certain types of Kalashnikov – even when the law only allows the civilian semiautomatical version, which is used for the purpose of sport and needs a permit.

The end of the arms trade through the Internet? 

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