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#Olympia: Target Shooting is in Danger”

For all the gun owners who praise olympic disciplines and who say, that these are the only ones which really count:

Your Sport is in Danger!

“The meeting was primarily about achieving gender equality in shooting, but in point 11, it discussed changes to shotgun disciplines, citing low participation as a valid reason for deleting Men’s Double Trap. The assembled also spoke about replacing it with a mixed event in Skeet or Trap, though alternating Mixed Skeet and Mixed Trap at different Olympic Games was not met with enthusiasm as it would make long-term athlete development more difficult.

Changes to rifle and pistol events were also debated, with Men’s 50m Rifle Prone in danger of being axed, and the IOC hopes the ISSF will take steps towards developing a #laser shooting discipline.”

If you look in the Olympic’s history you can see that in the beginning pistol shooting with big bore calibers were the highlights. Even biathlon was shot until 1976 with big bore rifles. We can also see that in the beginning all these disciplines have been mixed in gender. They got separated in women and men when they saw that no woman could gather any Gold medal.

And we tried “laser shooting” in Germany. It was a disgrace! They imitated the shots with loud speakers. The shooters were disappointed as they could not use their skills. And the audience was also disappointed.

Would you go to a motor race with quiet electric cars and want to listen to imitated car noises? Same is valid for laser shooting.

#MEP: How to communicate with politicians

From David Karásek , speaker of LEX – Czech firearms rights association

I wrote this because of reactions of many MEPs who – especially in December – complained to me that they got many impolite and even threatening messages. I decided to write this short explanation why politeness pays: take it as advice from who fights for firearms rights for long time and collected some experience. As leading member of LEX gun rights association, I often deal with people who actually write gun laws and I talk with legislators on national and european level. I have this opportunity because I represent great numbers of people; I can reach so high only because I stand on top of pyramid.

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EU gun ban: we’re still in danger

Article by Pierangelo Tendas (

News come from Brussels, and they aren’t that good at all: it’s time to mobilize again!

The week didn’t start with good news regarding our stuggle against the planned EU’s totalitarian gun ban.

The draft report from IMCO President, MEP Vicky Ford, is rumored to be on the edge of being shot down for being “too much pro-gun”.

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EU gun ban: GENVAL and EC insist, Firearms United calls to action

Article by Pierangelo Tendas (

As the European Commission and GENVAL keep up the pressure in support of the EU gun ban, Firearms United calls all European gun owners to action

An update on the proposed EU gun ban

The latest GENVAL documents and meetings leave no doubt: the battle is all but over!

Whoever thought that the battle for the defense of our rights against the gun grab attempts of the European Commission and other EU institutions would be over − even just partially − after the publication of Vicky Ford’s early draft report, would better think again.

Juncker lied to the European Parliament

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EU gun ban: British hopes, Polish lies, French betrayal

Article by Pierangelo Tendas (

A quick heads-up about the latest news concerning the planned EU gun ban

British MEP and IMCO President Vicky Ford published her draft report: still not perfect, but nonetheless a good point to start from

The plans for an European-wide gun ban are still being discussed at the European Parliament, Commission, and Council.

After the latest, shameful attempt to have it “swiftly passed” after the March 22nd Brussels bombing, a hope comes from where the European gun owners’ community expected it the least: Great Britain.

British hopes

And indeed a British Member of the European Parliament − Vicky Ford, President of Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee of the European Parliament (IMCO) − published her draft report on the EU gun ban proposal on March 29th.

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Foto: Photo: Reuters, EPA, ČTK

How to decrease firearms-related death?

Findings of the study which wants to combat illicit trafficking and to decrease firearms-related deaths and intimidation of victims

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