We invite you to join the Firearms United Network

Sign up for FUN. Convince your friends. Promote our common cause. Buy t-shirts or stickers. Give us the tools that will make us more effective in the fight against the directive, which limits us the right to own a gun. How to register? We provide your details on the form, which is located HERE Then, to pay membership fees in … Read More

How to create Allegro account

How to create an account? See how quickly you create an Allegro account and get access to over 50 million offers from 100,000 sellers. Fill out the online form 1. Fill out the following fields: – e-mail (it can not be used for registration before), – password (must contain one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, from 8 to … Read More


Over the past couple of years, Firearms United has successfully built up its communications channels to a point where we are able to really reach a “critical mass” of people with each post / update / campaign. Today, we want to use this reach for a cause that is outside the scope of our activism for gun rights: 14 June … Read More

Consolidation of shooters in Poland

Dear all, I would like to share some important news with you. First, we will change the legal formula of Firearms United. We will change into Association of Associations. This is required to allow organizations working in countries, fighting for our right to bear arms, to formally cooperate and associate for the common cause. It is a necessary step for … Read More

Message for the European Commission – Video

Why does European Commission want to make us vulnerable to terrorist attacks? Polish and European shooters and gun owners want to send a very important message to the European Commission – we will not stop fighting for our rights and we will continue to expose all your lies.

“EU WON’T DEFEAT US” – video

The goal is to disarm Europe and make it defenseless – at least that is what the European Commission tries to do for the last 18 months. Fortunately, this action is being pushed back by the law abiding firearms owners. Why the Eurocrats try do so? Isn’t it that making a terrorists’ life easier should be considered a treason? For … Read More

EP DID NOT BLOCK OUR WEBSITE – We apologise for the misinformation!

Dear supporters! We really do our best to provide you with verifiable and correct information, unfortunately due to a manipulation error we posted something we shouldn’t have. Let us explain what happened. A few weeks ago there was a news article in a Polish newspaper which stated that the website of Firearms United was blocked on the network of the … Read More

Firearms Directive Conference – Webstream 7.01.2017

The conference will discuss how the Commission’s misguided proposal, which was presented in a most irregular manner, would lead to a serious impact on legal firearm owners and users, as well as on national authorities’ resources, while hardly having any effect against the use of illegal weapons by criminals and terrorists. Participants will be informed of the latest developments following … Read More

Polenar Tactical

A group of devout shooters and responsible gun owners from Slovenia interested in advancing the firearm and shooting culture across Europe. We are passionate about advocating safe, responsible gun ownership, are skeptical of governmental gun control laws that limit access to mentally healthy individuals who wish to pursue the sport of shooting and/or require firearms for their personal protection. We … Read More


An online magazine dedicated to information about guns and shooting activities, for a better understanding and responsible approach to the gun world and its rules. GUNSweek.com aims to achieve a better communication between shooters and gun enthusiasts and the Industry that moves around them, in an ever more stimulating market. GUNSweek.com is a Web-based project, because it is through the … Read More