Family protection with a gun !?


“Even if the whole world was against my man, I would still stand behind him and pass him the bullets.” A good phrase, isn’t it? This is probably the least a woman would do for her husband in times of war. There is a war in our country and our men fight with the enemy or prepare themselves for combat, we do … Read More

FU-member NFA at the Supreme Court Of Canada

When the province of Quebec refused to destroy data collected on firearms registration as ordered by the Federal government, Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) acted. The Quebec government had sought the right to make use of that data to maintain a provincial firearms registry in Quebec. The federal government disagreed and the matter went to court in Quebec and wound … Read More

Italian branch of Firearms United attacked by Italian branch of One World

Unimondo, the Italian branch of OneWorld, an enormous pacifist organization, publicly attacked the Italian branch of Firearms United in an article wich is almost funny, full of prejudices, errors and exagerations. The article can be found here with automatical translation: The shooting at the Court of Milan and the gun lobby  In a social climate more and more tense and with … Read More

Partner – FNTSA

  FNTSA The National Federation of Applied shooting sport Republic of Moldova (FNTSA RM) – a public organization, whose main objectives is to promote the shooting sports and cultural development of safe gun handling in the Republic of Moldova. Creating a positive public opinion about law-abiding gun owners and helping law enforcement officers in the improvement of professional skills. Training … Read More

Partner – SSC

  SSC SAGITTARIUS SHOOTING CLUB is a Latvian organization that joins shooters from different disciplines. Its mission is to promote the recreational, responsible and secure use of firearms in this country. Also advises to its members regarding Latvian firearms legislation. As one of the Baltic members of European Union are interested and worried about the iniciatives from European legislators.   … Read More

Partner – ADT

  ADT The A.D.T. (Association de Tireurs) is a french shooters association which aim to defend the right to possess & keep firearms for honest french citizens, and the right to use them in home-defense situations. The ultimate goal is to achieve the right to bear arms, wich was described by the Founding Fathers of the french Declaration of the … Read More

Active Shooters : Threat and Defense for soft targets


Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish supermarket in Paris, the cafe in Sidney, the shopping mall in Nairobi, the movie theater in Aurora, the summer camp on the island of Utøya, the hotel in Mumbai and lots of schools and other public places all over the world are known as “soft targets” – where citizens work, study or relax. The opposite … Read More

Day after Paris What’s next, Europe ???

„The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” Just over a year ago the entire world discussed the terrorist attack in Nairobi. Amongst many voices one of reason appeared – the voice of Ronald Noble – secretary general of Interpol. He stated that one should expect further attacks targeting so … Read More