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Hands off Swiss firearms law

The “Hands off Swiss firearms law” initiative is a privately funded and organized movement. Founded in mid-2016 by Patrick Jauch, it pursues its goal to inform all stakeholders about the consequences of the Schengen related adoption of the EU Firearms Directive in an unbiased, independent fashion – and to form a strong and united opposition to it. “Hands of Swiss firearms law” managed to reach nationwide awareness across Switzerland through its strong presence, clear statements and high quality publications.


Polenar Tactical


A group of devout shooters and responsible gun owners from Slovenia interested in advancing the firearm and shooting culture across Europe. We are passionate about advocating safe, responsible gun ownership, are skeptical of governmental gun control laws that limit access to mentally healthy individuals who wish to pursue the sport of shooting and/or require firearms for their personal protection. We also strongly believe in personal freedoms, less statism, responsibility and our duty to ourselves and to others in our community who require our help.

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An online magazine dedicated to information about guns and shooting activities, for a better understanding and responsible approach to the gun world and its rules. aims to achieve a better communication between shooters and gun enthusiasts and the Industry that moves around them, in an ever more stimulating market. is a Web-based project, because it is through the Internet that the information feeds, more than ever, our daily interests.


Institut Mirabeau


Established in November 2015 following the Paris terror attacks, The “Mirabeau Institute” is the think-tank, the laboratory of law experts mobilized to promote a more pragmatic and realistic legislation against new forms of crime and terrorism. This Institue has a double purpose, using scientific studies made known to the authorities, which consists in :
– a reform of criminal and law enforcement self-defense
– a more flexible law on the ownership and bearing of lethal and
non-lethal weapons.

Its work on individual and collective security are based on the Swiss, Israeli and North American models. With a significant political and academic network, the Mirabeau Institute’s action on legislative lobbying is to open new fields of reflection such as carrying weapons off duty or changing the rules of engagement of the security force. Recognizing the inefficiency of anti-gun reforms until now, this group of lawyers and specialist is opposed to most restrictions against
legal gun owners. This vision is global and draws on the liberal and republican heritage of the Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789.

• Head office : 49, rue du Ranelagh, 75016 Paris XVI .
• Director: Pierre-Maxime SARRON
• Website :
• Contact :

Partner – Firearm Owners United


Firearm Owners United

This group was designed to unite Australian Law-Abiding Firearm Owners (LAFO’s), and provide a voice for their needs and concerns. It was created in direct response to the hysterical and misinformed voices within Australia calling for further, unwarranted restrictions on the law-abiding shooters of the country. Australia already has some of the highest restrictions unnecessarily placed on its licensed shooters. It certainly doesn’t need anymore. The constant media, shady organisation and occasional political attempts to vilify and further restrict well over a million Australian shooters has worn very thin. It’s time to make a stand, and push back at the latest attempts to further damage our sport and lifestyle.



Partner – UNPACT



Union Nationale des Propriétaires d’Armes de Chasse et de Tir (engl. National association of hunting and shooting firearms owners) is a French association created in 2011 to oppose a new French legislation change that was initially very restrictive. We promote safe and legal gun ownership for all law abiding citizens in France, both in mainland and overseas territories, for all legal uses : shooting, hunting and collecting. We have some occasions to meet the government representatives to discuss the way regulations are applied in France by administration employees who understand the law and regulations mostly in a wrong way, restricting lawful rights. Currently, we do not promote the right to bear arms for civilians, since this is far premature in the general opinion and in discussions with French authorities, thus preventing us from having any open and proactive discussions to improve progressively the situation. We are also members of IAPCAR association.






Partner – COMITATO D-477



The “Comitato Direttiva 477” is a spontaneously formed committee of concerned citizens, born in 2015 after the last of a long series of tightening of gun laws in Italy. This Committee managed to get institutional, industrial, political and media contacts in a matter of months, something that never happened in Italy before. They joined our network at the end of 2015, during the fight to the proposed modifications to the Firearms Directive, modifications that would in fact disarm EU citizens.





Partner – AOF



Arms of Freedom (Oružje slobode) is Serbian non government non profit organisation which exists to defend gun owner interests, promote civil rights to honest firearms owners through legislative change, self-defense rights and firearm education. Organization is actively support the liberalization of the existing Law on Weapon and Ammunition and changing the Criminal Law and Amnesty Act. Arms of Freedom promote rise of public awareness and gun safety to the citizens and provide firearms trainings, educational firearms events and seminars. Our goals are to promote and increase rights not only to citizens who possess weapons (sport, self-defense, hunting, antique), our target is increasing public awareness on basic civil rights to protect life, self-defense and private property. In order to achieve these goals we cooperate with shooting sport authorities, hunter community, representative of media and all public concerned.






Partner – FNTSA



The National Federation of Applied shooting sport Republic of Moldova (FNTSA RM) – a public organization, whose main objectives is to promote the shooting sports and cultural development of safe gun handling in the Republic of Moldova. Creating a positive public opinion about law-abiding gun owners and helping law enforcement officers in the improvement of professional skills. Training citizens lawfully possessing weapons or have the desire to own a gun, the safe handling of weapons. Further training gun owners or have the desire to own a gun, by conducting trainings, workshops and seminars, competitions according to the rules of defensive shooting or practical shooting. Work with government agencies and the media, to create their own media to project a positive image of gun owners.




Partner – SSC



SAGITTARIUS SHOOTING CLUB is a Latvian organization that joins shooters from different disciplines. Its mission is to promote the recreational, responsible and secure use of firearms in this country. Also advises to its members regarding Latvian firearms legislation. As one of the Baltic members of European Union are interested and worried about the iniciatives from European legislators.