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Partner – ADT



The A.D.T. (Association de Tireurs) is a french shooters association which aim to defend the right to possess & keep firearms for honest french citizens, and the right to use them in home-defense situations. The ultimate goal is to achieve the right to bear arms, wich was described by the Founding Fathers of the french Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (which is still constitutional in France) as “obvious by nature and one of the main guarantees of the fundamental freedoms and that no other institutions may make up for it.






Partner – LT



LEGIS TELUM was created in 2009. The civil association of firearms owners representing the rights of all responsible citizens from Slovakia, who not only possess weapons, but they appreciate even their basic civil rights. This association provides several services to their members, including legal assistance in the field of arms and ammunition.





Partner – SUWA



The aim is to build an organisation able to lobby on behalf of all shooters in WA at all levels.

Shooters Union Western Australia has been established via a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Shooters Union Australia Inc. (SUA) and the Western Australian Firearm Owners Alliance Inc. (WAFOA).

The aim is to build an organization able to lobby on behalf of all shooters in WA at all levels. We believe that without a proactive approach Western Australia’s anti-gun laws are set to become progressively tighter until private firearms ownership is completely banned.

With the above in mind, we are asking all shooters to come onboard and help develop a broad organisation that can truly represent the collective concerns of all of us.






Partner – DPA



Droit de Porter des Armes is a movement that was launched after the sad realization that no single organization in France truly defended the right to keep and bear arms. A few organizations defend hunters’ rights and sport shooters’ rights, but not a single one defended the right to own and carry guns for defense purposes. Droit de Porter des Armes started with a Facebook page : with its success, its founders are currently working to make it a much bigger movement for gun freedom.






Partner – NFA



Canada’s National Firearms Association exists to promote, support, and protect all safe firearms activities, including the right of self defence; firearms education for all Canadians; freedom and justice for Canada’s firearms community, and further to advocate for legislative change to protect the right to own and use firearms. The National Firearms Association offers Members information on all aspects of safe and responsible use of firearms as well as current information on changes in Canada’s laws. Primers are available to all members on a wide variety of subjects.






Partner – NAGRI



NAGRI (National Association for Gun Rights India) mission is to promote and protect the rights of every citizen to keep & bear arms both for self-protection as well as for shooting sports. We thus represent the interests not only of our own members & gun owners across India but also those of every Indian citizen by providing a voice to those who are not willing to give up their rights in return for hollow promises, providing training, promoting the safe & responsible use of firearms and undertaking appropriate research.






Partner – ONGUN



The movement “The Right to Bear Arms” is a social, not a political, organization uniting people interested in protecting the rights of Russian citizens to keep and bear arms (RKBA).

To achieve these issues, we combine our efforts to create legislative initiatives in interaction with political forces and public opinion leaders. Movement holds public events designed to raise awareness of the right of citizens to own handguns, and also provides training for novice owners and organizes sports competitions according to the rules of practical shooting.

Our goal – promoting gun ownership, the development of the society and culture of weapons in order to get the legislative changes to lift the ban on CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) permits for Russian citizens.

More about the mission and functioning of the Organization in this LINK.






Partner – PEFOP



PEFOP (Greek National Firearms Association) is an organization constituted in 2008. Their goals are to inform and promote the safe and responsible ownership of guns, defending the historic heritage in relation to weapons, assistance and collaboration with authorities in this matter and defending the rights of legitimate users.






Partner – GIA




Guns In Australia was founded in 2012 to combat much of the misinformation perpetrated in the media by journalists and politicians, many whom tout the success of the draconian gun laws introduced by the then Prime Minister John Howard 1996.

We are a grassroots movement defending the rights of gun owners across Australia. Using an education and growing social media presence, we will continue to fight to reverse many components of our gun laws that serve no public safety benefit, but are rather simply an embuggerance on shooters and hunters.






Partner – SNRA



The Swiss National Rifle Association is an honorary union of different firearm friends of Switzerland. Our aim is to protect and defend the liberal and free weapons law of Switzerland. Red and green parties work in the dismantling of our freedom as well as independency. They want to disarm and patronise us firearm owners. With clarification and correction we point, that free people handle responsibly with their firearms. Defence and firearm ownership is since generations for us confederates a self-evident fact! As well as Swiss men and women doing their military service keeping their service weapons at home. The SWISS NRA, stands for: “Free weapons, for free upright citizens worldwide!”