„Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made“

The Firearms United has been following the EU legislation process up close and personal since the day ill-conceived proposal from the commission saw the light of day, and based on what we have seen, Otto von Bismarck was right when he (allegedly) „Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.“

Where are we know – here is an update.

Trilog schließt die Verhandlungen zum „EU-Gun ban“

Von unserem Partner GUNSWEEK.com, Autor Pierangelo Tendas – 21.12.2016 Pressemitteilung der Europäischen Kommission Europäisches Parlament und die „aggressive Waffenlobby“ verwässerten den Vorschlag Update 25.01.17: Trilogs Kompromiss veröffentlicht (nur auf Englisch) Nächste Schritte der EU im Februar und März Brief von FIREARMS UNITED an Frans Timmermans, 1, Vizepräsident der Kommission Nächste Schritte von FIREARMS UNITED Eine Pressemitteilung der Europäischen Kommission gibt das … Read More

How the European Council works on gun bans

As you might be aware, the European Parliament is not the only EU institution where the fate of legitimate firearm owners is being decided in the wake of the unelected and increasingly autocratic EU Commission’s unjustified attack against our well-regulated community. The other is the European Council, currently presided by the Netherlands, where the governments of all Member States are … Read More