Partner – AOF

  AOF Arms of Freedom (Oružje slobode) is Serbian non government non profit organisation which exists to defend gun owner interests, promote civil rights to honest firearms owners through legislative change, self-defense rights and firearm education. Organization is actively support the liberalization of the existing Law on Weapon and Ammunition and changing the Criminal Law and Amnesty Act. Arms of … Read More

GRA Europe/International playlist


Our German partner GRA has not only some German playlists, but also an English one for the European affairs: GRA Europe/International They just started this playlist in July 2014.

Firearms Report III

History of EC’s Action Plan on Firearms There were rumors since the 20th of October, three weeks before the bloody attack in Paris, that the EC also wants to ban internet sales and semi-automatic rifles. The gun rights advocates made inquiries in Brussels. Fabio Marini denied these rumors. “There were no plans for it, only for deactivated firearms”, he said. … Read More

After the attacks in France EC wants restrictions on licit access to weapons

The European Commission DG Home wants to propose a semiautomatic ban for EU individuals, which look similar to military ones. This EC also wants stricter rules for arms control. Proposals for a new law or amendment to the Directive on firearms will be presented on Wednesday – the author learned from Union source PAP. Initially the amendment was planned for … Read More

Firearms Report II

Gun Ownership in Europe In July 2015 Fabio Marini, Head of Firearms Task Force at DG HOME, European Commission presented the report ‘Firearms and Violent Deaths in Europe’ by Nils Duquet and Maarten Van Alstein, researchers at the Flemish Peace Institute. The first topic is the numbers of licit and illicit firearms in Europe. Gary Mauser, Professor emeritus of the … Read More

Firearms Report I

The European Gun Debate The gun debate was once strictly a national debate in the USA. Since 1970 universities and NGOs in the USA have researched this topic. European research started almost twenty years later, mostly by NGOs which work on international level like IANSA, Saferworld and Small Arms Survey. Objective studies of European universities were rare, but they are … Read More

UK: The Battle on Lead Ammunition

Lead ammunition

Half of the LEAD AMMUNITION GROUP (LAG) resigned and submit their own report on 25th of June 2015. Countryside organisations submit their own findings to DEFRA (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) in response to John Swift’s “flawed” report on lead ammunition and argue that their approach is more logical and scientific than that of LAG chairman John Swift. The … Read More

Long-Term Historical Trends in Violent Crime


Manuel Eisner is a Professor of Comparative and Developmental Criminology and Deputy Director of the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology. He studied the history of crime from the thirteenth century until the end of the twentieth. This is a very short summary about his extraordinary work, which is published by the Department of Sociology at the University of Calgary. Historical … Read More