#EESC – EU body hates private ownership

To protect public from criminals, legal firearms owners must be screwed as much as possible, says EESC Well, not exactly, but that’s a short summary of European Economic and Social Committee. Not only the Commission stupid and draconic proposal is hailed as “significant improvement”, but the EESC urges to go further:

#Call-To-Action in UK

Eleven associations call citizens of UK to contact their MEPs and provide an online tool which makes this very easy. The European Commission is pressing for changes to the Firearms Directive, they say these are to combat terrorism and organised crime but FACE UK is concerned that many of their proposals would harm legitimate shooting in the UK. http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1979&ea.campaign.id=47315

#GREENS : hate private gun ownership

GREEN RAPPORTEUR IGNORES OTHER OPINIONS Bodil Valero is rapporteur for LIBE and wrote a draft for the proposal which is even stricter than the original, e.g. a high capicity ban for magazines. Other Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have complained the fact that Valero has IGNORED all the opinions, except her own even though it is obvious that her … Read More

#Gunban: Who wants to ban our firearms?

Strings lead to Geneva It would appear that the last insidious attempt to disarm citizens comes from the EU. However, that is only a partial truth. The EU, or the EC, diligently follows ”a recommendation of independent experts”, where one hundred percent of these ”independent experts” originate from two very reputable non-profit organizations that are so fanatic in their belief … Read More

#Olympia: Target Shooting is in Danger”

For all the gun owners who praise olympic disciplines and who say, that these are the only ones which really count: Your Sport is in Danger! ”The meeting was primarily about achieving gender equality in shooting, but in point 11, it discussed changes to shotgun disciplines, citing low participation as a valid reason for deleting Men’s Double Trap. The assembled … Read More

EU, we have a problem – but you hit the wrong targets!

Yes, we have problem with gun crime. Yes, terrorists and criminals use forbidden explosives and war weapons … …and converted acoustic firearms. Yes, they ordered unregistered converted firearms by internet. No, these firearms did not belong to authorised owners. No, they ordered illegally reconverted firearms via the darknet. EC wants confiscation of authorised firearms and more. EC has no rules for … Read More

Firearms Report IV

Homicide and Suicide This report is a study of the relationship between legal firearm ownership and crime. It has been reviewed by academics with expertise in this area, in reaction to the process by the European Commission to amend the EU Firearms Directive with much more restrictions on legal firearm ownership. Between 2000 and 2012 almost 3 million people lost … Read More

Open Letter to Members of European Parliament

  FIREARMS UNITED brings together more than 200 million law-abiding gun owners in Europe. These include reservists, hunters, sport shooters, collectors, firearm dealers, manufacturers, security professionals, range operators and ordinary citizens who own not restricted weapons. Abstract:  The current Firearms Directive is an effective tool for security and does not unnecessarily obstruct legal activity. EU Member States that faithfully transposed … Read More

Partner – UNPACT

  UNPACT Union Nationale des Propriétaires d’Armes de Chasse et de Tir (engl. National association of hunting and shooting firearms owners) is a French association created in 2011 to oppose a new French legislation change that was initially very restrictive. We promote safe and legal gun ownership for all law abiding citizens in France, both in mainland and overseas territories, … Read More

Partner – COMITATO D-477

  COMITATO D-477 The ”Comitato Direttiva 477” is a spontaneously formed committee of concerned citizens, born in 2015 after the last of a long series of tightening of gun laws in Italy. This Committee managed to get institutional, industrial, political and media contacts in a matter of months, something that never happened in Italy before. They joined our network at … Read More