Apology to Mrs. Marlene Mizzi

In my last article, I explained cultural differences between Western and Eastern Europeans in regard of firearm ownership. In that article, I used small excerpt of MEP Marlene Mizzi’s email, and certain rhetorical questions which, unfortunately, were mistakenly also taken by many as Mrs. Mizzi’s quotes. After publication of the article, I was notified by several people that Mrs. Mizzi … Read More

Fighting Fund sent a team to Brussels

FIREARMS UNITED’s Fighting Fund enabled us to send a team of members and independent experts to Brussels. The team arrived on Monday to attend important meetings prior to and during the IMCO vote of today. We thank our donors.

Thougt Leader Opinion on Firearms Directive

When we had been asked to „buy” a printed opinion by the Parliament Magazine we first thought this could be wasted money. But when we heard that Vicky Ford will write an article, too – we agreed to spend money from our Fighting Fund for this advertising. And we choose Stephen to speak for us. Stephen is chairman of FESAC, the … Read More

Update for Fighting Fund

Thank You! 09.06.2016 : 5000 € were coming in by Paypal and bank transfer (500 € by  our partner UNPACT) 13.06.2016: More than 20.000 € reached us 15.06.2016: More than 30.000 € (2000 € by French FFTir) 17.06.2016:  Balance on Friday was 41.600 € (1000 € by a German citizen, 500€ by LES ARQUEBUSIENS DE FRANCE and 1000 € by LIGUE REGIONALE DE … Read More

Dangerous Compromises in IMCO?

Reliable sources have warned us that several important amendments from the original 847 proposed by IMCO MEPs are likely to end up in badly-drafted Compromise Amendments. It would appear that the positive stand originally taken by EPP, ECR and ALDE has been watered down to garner the support of S&D and the Greens as well as to align the final … Read More

Update for Fighting Fund

A big „Thank You” to those who are supporting us through donations to the Fighting Fund: 30,000 euro already and increasing daily! A special thanks goes to our French supporters. Our partners UNPACT as well as the French association for target shooters FFTir have donated 500 € and 2,000 € respectively and appeal to their members to donate. We particularly … Read More


We support the position of Gwendolyn Patton, First Speaker of Pink Pistols, an international GLBT self-defense organization: “The Pink Pistols gives condolences to all family and friends of those killed and injured at Pulse,” began Patton. “This is exactly the kind of heinous act that justifies our existence. At such a time of tragedy, let us not reach for the low-hanging … Read More


Fighting Fund We are overwhelmed, the donations do not stop, it is continuous, minute by minute. On Monday evening PAYPAL and ING DIRECT show more than 20.000 € Meanwhile we also installed a „Donation Button” to make it easier for you. Some people asked why FIREARMS UNITED was founded in Poland and collects money in Spain. Here comes the answer: … Read More