Associação Nacional da Arma de Portugal – ANARMA

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After joining IAPCAR as a member-association back in May, we’re just as delighted to be given the opportunity to be a member-association of Firearms United, especially as we’re going to be working together at EU level. Both of our associations also share the same objectives; namely the defense of target shooting, antique firearms collecting, hunting and the right to keep and bear arms.

I believe it’s important that we join forces and ensure that we can effectively oppose future restrictions at EU level. Unfortunately, there are more clouds on the horizon. In 2020, it’s been understood that the EU will try to introduce more legislation which would restrict the lawful and legitimate use of firearms. Such legislation would yet again have a negative impact on gun owners in Portugal, as we can already see with the transposition of the 2017 Firearms Directive; overall the law abiding citizen has lost out.

Therefore, we’ll need to repeat the good work that Firearms United accomplished last time around, so that we give ourselves the best opportunity possible in warding off the negative effects that future legislation may bring about. As anyone experienced in EU politics will understand, proposals that are introduced by the Commission are very hard to repeal or fight against politically – so we’ll need to be organised

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