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Malta Firearms Conference – Sending the Message!

The Conference organized by FESAC, AACTS, AMACS and Firearms United in Malta has attracted media attention – in addition to hall full of firearms enthusiasts and foreign guests from many organizations in Europe!

Nothing in the directive is yet settled, and even the trilogue is still formally ongoing before the parliament approves the current “compromise”. Malta is in key position, because they are taking over EU presidency for the next six months and one of the more challenging areas is the new firearms directive proposal, so the conference was an excellent event, where the message from the shooters was sent to the authorities – loud and clear.

The Maltese organizations spared no effort or expense setting up the conference on saturday, and as you can see from the pictures, they had even organized an exhibit where they showed priceless historical artifacts that were originally sentenced to be destroyed by the commission.

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FIREARMS UNITED recognized as gun lobby

Gun lobby says revision of firearms directive is ‘futile’

Excerpt of Martin Banks article – written on 16th of June 2016 for the Parliament Magazine 

The attack from FIREARMS UNITED comes after a parliamentary committee this week was told that 900 amendments have been submitted by MEPs to the Commission’s gun law proposals.


However, ahead of the vote in mid-July, the gun lobby, which is particularly influential in central and eastern Europe, has stepped up its campaign to water down the draft revision.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for FIREARMS UNITED told this website, “The current firearms directive is an effective tool for security and does not unnecessarily obstruct legal activity. EU member states that faithfully transposed the directive into their national laws and applied proper enforcement enjoy positive results. What is necessary is further collaboration between member states to learn from those that successfully applied the directive effectively and to implemented measures that harmonise the procedures for better control.”

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FIREARMS UNITED’s Reasons for Rejecting Proposal

FIREARMS UNITED is against the whole “Proposal of the European Parliament and Council amending Council Directive 91/477/EEC on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons (Firearms Directive)”

The reasons:

  • no impact assessment;
  • not in accordance with REFIT;
  • useless rules that do not solve any problem;
  • useless rules which only affect legal gunowners while doing nothing about illegal guns;
  • useless rules which hurt museums and collectors who never were part of the problem;
  • all loopholes (marking, deactivated firearms, alarm weapons) could be handled in guidelines.

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New Amendments of IMCO published

The Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) published 847 amendments for the EU Firearms Directive.

Download PDF : 847_Amendments by IMCO  (Update on 15-05-2016)

We thought, 250 amendments at the LIBE committee were much, but now we see up to 800!

Funny phenomenon: Every time we see something and think “Hey, that is total bullshit”, it came from Durand (French Green). Every time we see something that makes a bit of sense the names above are Ford (rapporteur ) and Corazza Bildt (Sweden).

It will take some days until you can read them in your national language.

These amendments will be voted for and their final outcome will be presented to the European Parliament. Here a short history what happened in the past at IMCO: Link

Let’s hope that Durand’s opinion will be in the end of June crashed as Gomes’ at the LIBE Committee in May.

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