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We don’t give up the fight to keep our firearms!

We’ll go to step TWO!

Pay for professional help as well as lobbying in national governments for our rights.

We’ve updated our donation page with the new balance and the list of expenses:

Expenses : -13.093,56 €

Balance : 68.392,05

More expenses will have to be paid for:

  • FIREARMS UNITED Conference catering and webstream, more flights expenses for speakers
  • professional Press Release (Follow-up)
  • second letter to MEPs
  • support of national conferences
  • more flights to Brussels or other capitals
  • engagement of professional lobbyist and media agency

Now we need YOUR help!

rechte_hilfe_02  rechte_hilfe_02_fr rechte_hilfe_02_cz  rechte_hilfe_02_pl rechte_hilfe_02_it rechte_hilfe_02_po rechte_hilfe_02_nl  rechte_hilfe_02_swe

Firearms United Accessorizing the Autumn Fashion in Brussels

Are we now in fashion business?

First of all – thank you for you generous donations, it made this whole campaign possible.key_chains

And no, we are not in fashion business.

Firearms United has now successfully concluded a campaign, the goal of which was to inform Members of the European Parliament about the flaws in the current firearms directive proposal. We have essentially, assembled an information package, filled with facts, statistics, introductionary letter and Firearms United key fob/chamber flag. The graphical design for the key fob was borrowed from Swedish enthusiast. Keeping people informed is still the name of our game. That being said, the information package included 28 reasons why the magazine ban is unworkable from both legal and enthusiasts perspective.

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Updates of Fighting Fund and IMCO

Our special thank goes today to Mikael from Sweden

Mikael invented chamberflags and sold them for 150 SEK (15€) and spent 100 SEK (10€) of each sale to our fighting fund. He distributes them only on matches, not online. But he offers design and contacts for all who want to copy this action – as long as 2/3 is donated to FIREARMS UNITED. So if you wanna copy this action, contact your national chapter or partner.


07.07.2016: Balance 66.600 € (2.059,86 € (20.000 SEK) by Mikael “St.Michael” Schelén and 1000 € by a Finnish citizen)

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Protest 2.0

The IMCO Rapporteur and MEPs tabled 847 amendments. The Compromise Amendments have been drawn up and the committee will vote on the final list on 14th July.

The prospects of a favorable vote that rejects most of the Commission proposals are good. The statements by MEPs during the debate on the amendments indicate majority support for our arguments.

This has been achieved through careful discourse with the MEPsand we shall continue along that path. We draw your attention that no matter how upset you may be with the EU you must always retain a polite and civil attitude in your contacts with MEPs. Focus on the S&D members as the more we win over the greater our chances of success.

When you read our article about the debate, you will see that:

  • EPP, ECR, ALDE clearly support a totally watered down version of the Commission proposal
  • S&D and the Greens are for more stringent measures.
  • EFDD and ENF support an outright rejection of the proposal.

What can YOU do?

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Donate Now For FIREARMS UNITED’s Fighting Fund

FIREARMS UNITED has been engaged in the fight against the EU Commission’s unjust proposal to amend the Firearms Directive since the day it was published in November 2015.

Established collaborating organisations such as FESAC and ANARMA, as well as individual team members, are exhausting their funds which are badly required to sustain their efforts. This is where YOU can make a difference and show your appreciation for the sterling work being done by our colleagues who are devoting their valuable resources of time and money to our just cause and who are the key to our survival.

Our partner ANARMA (registered as NGO in EU Transparency Register) has set up a bank account and kindly offered to manage it to receive YOUR donations and distribute funds to our partners to help them carry on with the fight right up to the final victory.


This “fighting fund” shall be used to cover the expenses arising from travel to Brussels, internal and external communication, research and drawing up of reports, the institution of legal proceedings and any other requirements for the specific goal of safeguarding YOUR interests.

The minimum donation amount is 5 Euro. However we would greatly appreciate more substantial contributions – this is the best investment that you could make in defence of your own legitimate interests. A record of donations and disbursements shall be kept and your anonymity will be respected. Your initials will suffice.

Please send your donation to the following account:

Donation via bank transfer

IBAN  ES68 1465 0100 9119 0047 0239
Subject nothing for anonymus donation
Address Avda. de Guadalajara 20, local 20 Cobeña
ES – 28863 Madrid

Donation via Paypal : paypal@anarma.es (We have to pay fees for this service.)

Please note: only donations from within the EU/Schengen may be accepted.

Article in FR | DE 

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