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Update for Fighting Fund

A big “Thank You” to those who are supporting us through donations to the Fighting Fund: 30,000 euro already and increasing daily!

A special thanks goes to our French supporters. Our partners UNPACT as well as the French association for target shooters FFTir have donated 500 € and 2,000 € respectively and appeal to their members to donate.

We particularly thank Philippe Crochard, the Président of FFTir: Over 200,000 members received his alert!

On the 2nd of June the French firearms lobby Comité Guillaume Tell  published a press release alerting all legal firearm owners in France about the risks posed on their civil liberties to possess firearms by the position adopted by the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. We expect to see similar press releases by organisations in other large Member States such as Germany, Italy and the UK. Better late than never!

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EU gun ban: British hopes, Polish lies, French betrayal

Article by Pierangelo Tendas (All4Shooters.com)

A quick heads-up about the latest news concerning the planned EU gun ban

British MEP and IMCO President Vicky Ford published her draft report: still not perfect, but nonetheless a good point to start from

The plans for an European-wide gun ban are still being discussed at the European Parliament, Commission, and Council.

After the latest, shameful attempt to have it “swiftly passed” after the March 22nd Brussels bombing, a hope comes from where the European gun owners’ community expected it the least: Great Britain.

British hopes

And indeed a British Member of the European Parliament − Vicky Ford, President of Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee of the European Parliament (IMCO) − published her draft report on the EU gun ban proposal on March 29th.

This article is also available in the following languages: DE – IT

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