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Firearms United is going to Supreme Court – In Sweden!

The Swedish authorities have been very active when it comes to making life hard for citizens practising IPSC-shooting or other dynamic shooting disciplines that require semiautomatic modern sporting rifles. [1][2]

Several Swedish authorities have been running a campaign for quite some time to ban and restrict the ownership of semiautomatic firearms and for example the previous EU Gunban of 2013 [3] was orchestrated and driven by Swedish Commisioner Cecilia Malmström, supported by shady authorities making up the rules and ”facts” on the fly. Firerams United was originally founded to counter this outrageous and unjustified attack on civil liberties.

We have also heard that Swedish authorities have already denied at least three permits for sport shooters on grounds of the EU Firearms directive – which had not been even finished at the time, let alone in effect.

One common practice is also the misuse of tax payers funds by taking things to court – most of the time the sport shooters win the case and get their permits, and case is conveniently forgotten, but when authorities win a case, it comes a precedent which is used by the authorities to deny permits in the future. [1]

When the latest round of firearms directive was discussed, Sweden sent their best experts in banning firearms to offer their ideologically coloured expertise and push for a stricter firearms directive. In other words, their agenda is now pushed over the Swedish borders and we have had enough of this now.

Firearms United is supporting financially the Swedish shooters to take things to supreme court and put an end to this nonsense.

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Malta Firearms Conference – Sending the Message!

The Conference organized by FESAC, AACTS, AMACS and Firearms United in Malta has attracted media attention – in addition to hall full of firearms enthusiasts and foreign guests from many organizations in Europe!

Nothing in the directive is yet settled, and even the trilogue is still formally ongoing before the parliament approves the current “compromise”. Malta is in key position, because they are taking over EU presidency for the next six months and one of the more challenging areas is the new firearms directive proposal, so the conference was an excellent event, where the message from the shooters was sent to the authorities – loud and clear.

The Maltese organizations spared no effort or expense setting up the conference on saturday, and as you can see from the pictures, they had even organized an exhibit where they showed priceless historical artifacts that were originally sentenced to be destroyed by the commission.

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Semiautomatic still threatened

Wednesday 19 of October the Swedish IPSC Association had arranged a meeting with Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, MEP and shadow rapporteur for IMCO in the Trialogue around the Firearms Directive and FIREARMS UNITED has received first hand information about the meeting.

image3Anna Maria Corazza Bildt first received a demonstration of the sport. European Champion IPSC Handgun, Stefan Ekstedt and Swedish Champion IPSC Rifle, demonstrated their respective discipline. Then Anna Maria had the opportunity to try herself.

She did try both handgun and the rifle, but chose to only shoot with the handgun. She was genuinely interested in the demonstration and asked a lot of questions.

image5After the hands-on demonstration, there was a good discussion based on understanding the sport, updating the sport shooters on the process and discussing the consequences of the different decisions for the sport.

Mrs Corazza Bildt informed the participants at the meeting that the Parliament has successfully negotiated regarding the regulations for distance sales and EU firearms passport and that they are keen on negotiating away the requirement for medical checks (which the Council wants to keep).

The sport shooters had the possibility to make suggestions about the choice of words in the directive, and the MEP took notes. For instance that the sport shooters can only have an exception if they are actively competing (here she will pursue that one can be active in the club without competition being compulsory) and also that the exeption for sports shooters will binding for the Member States and not leave it open (she noted the use of “member states shall give exception” instead of “may give exception”).

The major stumbling block is the issue of moving semiautomatic firearms from category B to category A, in other words prohibited for civilian possession.

image4The wording refers to the semiautomatic firearms which have the capacity to fire more than 21 shots must be placed in category A. All sports shooters around the table realized immediately that this means a move for ALL semiautomatic regardless of which magazine is used, because all semiautomatic have the capacity to fire more than 21 shots (all you need is to change to a bigger magazine).

On this point, Mrs Corazza Bildt does not share the sport shooters’ opinion but believes that the capacity is controlled by the size of the magazine. Agree to disagree … And a very personal view is to choose to believe that 6 marksmen know more about weapons than a politician.


Pia Clerté + MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt

There was also a discussion around the consequences of this move for hunters, since they do not get any exceptions in the Firearms Directive, and the MEP claimed they will not be affected.

Unfortunately, we are probably seeing here a confusion of the Swedish law (which regulates the number of rounds that are ALLOWED in a magazine WHILE hunting) with the firearms capabilities.

Even a hunting rifle CAN of course take a bigger magazine, whatever is written that you are ALLOWED to hunt with in the Swedish law.



All in all a very positive meeting hugely appreciated by the sport shooter community.

Hildebrandt&Madon: Interview with Pia Clerté & Erik Lakomaa

Journalist Johanne Hildebrandt, columnist Sakine Madon and reporter Annica Ögren starting a YouTube channel (Hildebrandt&Madon) to make room for new perspectives and voices which are not being heard by mainstream.

In September they interviewed well known dynamic sportshooter Pia Clerté and Stockholm School of Economics researcher Erik Lakomaa regarding the Firearms Directive.

EU’s weapons Directive wants to make it difficult for terrorists and criminals to obtain weapons. But in Sweden it hits hard only marksmen and hunters – law-abiding gun owners.
Pia Clerté will not be able to practice her sport if the directive goes through.
Researcher Erik Lakomaa says that politicians and officials are not guided by facts, and that the weapons criminals use are smuggled in from the Balkans.
“The only way to stop them is to focus on border controls.”

View the interview with English subtitles on YouTube or read our transcript:

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