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#Swedish vehicle attack: It wasn’t a question of if but when..

Yesterdays tragedy in Stockholm was a surreal awakening that the Sweden of old is since long gone. As such this attack upon Swedish society was just a question about when and not if?

Sweden has before been the target for Islamic terrorism, the Christmas of 2010 when the islamic militant Taimour Abdulwahab from Tranås, who had become radicalized in Luton, that is infamous as a holdout for islamic radicals, blew himself up in central Stockholm in the midst of people doing their Christmas shopping. However Abdulwahab only succeded in killing himself and perhaps due the lack of other killed Sweden continued it’s apologetic stance towards radical interpretations of Islam. The fear of being labeled as islamophobic and racist is very much a reality in Swedish public life.

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French lawyer: “We need more armed people in France”

Interview. Thibault de Montbrial is a penal lawyer to the Paris court, president of the Reflection Center for Home Security and author to “The burst or the chaos” (Plon editor).

This interview has been published in French on Thursday, June 2, 2016 by VALEURS ACTUELLES
Picture by Oleg Volk

VA. You speak regularly of weapon carry for citizens. How would this change fight against insecurity?

Thibault de Montbrial. The analysis of numerous attacks with war weapons in public places leads to the following theorem : the faster the response by fire, the fewer casualties. That is why the authorities have changed the rules of intervention of the security forces, first police forces on the spot are now invited to enter into direct action and not to form a security perimeter pending the intervention groups.

GO. But before the arrival of those first forces, what could be done but suffer if nobody carries a gun inside the attacked location?

Thibault de Montbrial. First, encourage police officers to carry their weapon while off duty. This crucial step allows to have plainclothes armed persons in public transport, shopping centers, cinemas or theaters (except for those stupid enough to ban them). It is therefore necessary to encourage administrations which remain reluctant like the gendarmerie or customs, to encourage their staff on this path.

But we must go further. I advocate in this respect to allow two classes of citizens to carry weapons under their civilian clothes: first former members of the security forces, and then some citizen volunteers who would be trained for this purpose. For both categories of “armed civilians”, one can imagine an initial training followed by regular training and periodic monitoring on both the technical and medical and psychological.

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