#EUgunban: Working progess in Brussels

The General Approach approved by the Council of Ministers leads to a public outcry over useless measures against legal firearm ownership with little or no effect on criminal and terrorist activity.

Criticism has been voiced by associations of stakeholders as well as some police forces and local media, in other words those who understand the impact of the amendments and their enforcement.

Support for the Council’s position comes from advocates of stricter firearm control who display an abysmal lack of knowledge about the actual directive, the amendments and particularly about the clear distinction between legal firearm ownership and criminality.

German State Secretary Emily Haber was naively pleased that “in future all firearms will be registered”. The Socialist group’s “gun control expert” Evelyne Gebhardt (SPD, DE), wants to ban illicit manufacturers who illegally modify weapons and sell them over the illegal darknet (meaning that she expects criminals to observe measures which are already banned under the current Directive. Commissioner Avramopoulos (DG Home) used Orlando, Paris I and II (and in the past even Brussels when bombs but no firearms were used) as a reason for banning legally-held firearms to stop terrorism and crime – he does not want any firearm which looks alike AK-47 or AR15 in civilian hands. In practice this means the banning of the modern sporting rifles used by law-abiding citizens.

Do these people live in the real world? Thankfully they are far from winning the war. The process has a long way to go and we are turning the tide.

We must convince the majority of MEPs (more than 350) that in the absence of an impact assessment the Commission proposal violates the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality and the damage to law-abiding citizens and business far outweigh the minimal impact on terrorism and crime.

We are spurred on by our victory during the LIBE vote on 9th May when MEPs rejected most of the unreasonable amendments. Moreover the debate in IMCO is moving in our direction and we must press on for a full rejection in the vote of 14th July.

We are now calling for PROTEST 2.0

Thanks to new information we have updated “Legislative Procedure for the Firearms Directive 2.0″

Download Slide Show: PPP      –       Download: PDF

For those who do not have enough time to go through the document we are providing pictures of the presentation. However, the links will only work in the downloads.

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3 thoughts on “#EUgunban: Working progess in Brussels

  1. Profile photo of Bernard LaudonBernard Laudon

    Nouvelle Directive de la Commission de l’UE:

    Soucieuse de protéger les populations de l’UE, la Commission demande que soient renforcé l’examen du Permis de Conduire afin de mettre hors d’état de nuire les ennemis publics qui roulent sans permis.

    Next Directive of the EU Commission:

    Bearing in mind the protection of the peoples of the EU, the Commission asks that the Driving License exam be more difficult so as to neutralize the public enemies that drive without a License.

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