Firearms United Finland – Crowd sourcing and cooperation!

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The new Finnish proposal for the national implementation of Firearms Directive was published a while ago and the 200 page proposal included changes to multiple laws including firearms law and law regarding voluntary national defense.

It was of extreme importance to gain situational awareness and “big picture” view of the proposed impacts and Firearms United Finland utilized cloud tools, social media and crowd sourcing to achieve this.

As soon as the proposal was leaked out, it was posted and fellow firearms enthusiasts were called to analyze it and send feedback to Firearms United Finland (who also in worked in shifts around the clock to analyze proposal). Feedback was collected and the “national additions” by local authorities were quickly identified and summarized in this document:

The document (in Finnish) contains the themes that were causing most concern and not required by the directive. This feedback has been now been forwarded to every firearms-related organization who has been actively working with Firearms United and also published in the social media Firearms United Finland FB page to that information is available to every firearms owner who wishes to use it when sending feedback to their representation in the Finnish Parliament.

Firearms United – Together we stand, divided we fall.

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