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Over the past couple of years, Firearms United has successfully built up its communications channels to a point where we are able to really reach a „critical mass” of people with each post / update / campaign.

Today, we want to use this reach for a cause that is outside the scope of our activism for gun rights:

14 June is World Blood Donor Day. As such, we ask all European firearms owners who are able, to go and donate blood around this time.
Have you picture taken when you donate, preferably in your Firearms United, IAMTHEGUNLOBBY or Je Suis Armé(e) gear and post this picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #THEGUNLOBBYSAVESLIVES

We’ll give away 5 goodie bags (containing one FU shirt, cap and patch each) from our merch store to winners chosen from participants between 1 June and 17 June! (Shirt sizes subject to availability)

While this may not be a most „orthodox” way to promote gun rights, it will be a great gesture to show the society how the real nature of the gun owners community could not be further away from the idea of secretive, almost sectarian, racist, violent and potentially murderous group of machinegun-toting ignorants that the anti-gun propaganda has been depicting us like for decades every time a criminal, a terrorist or a madman gave them an occasion to.

We do not shed blood; we donate blood. We do not take lives; we give and protect life.

Let’s make a point.


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